A message from our COO, Dr. Sharon King

Friends of Town ‘n’ Country Animal Hospital,

I hope you, your family, and all your furry and feathered friends are doing well.  I appreciate so much the care and love you give your pets.  We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to join with you in keeping them healthy and happy.  These past few months have been stressful for all and we are grateful for your patience as we do our best to find the balance in keeping people and pets as protected as we can.  We miss doing “business as usual” and it can’t come back soon enough!  I am so proud of all the hard work, flexibility and endurance our staff has demonstrated.  In order to help us stay focused, fresh, and energized to continue seeing patients, we are changing our office hours.  

Starting August 24, 2020, we will close the office from Noon-2pm, Monday through Friday.  This will allow us time to complete cases from the morning and prepare for the afternoon.  My intention with this move is to improve efficiency, reduce wait times and avoid staff burnout.  If a medical emergency arises between Noon-2pm, we will still be available.  Call the regular hospital line 336-227-9979, and leave a  message on the voicemail.  We will call you back and give you further instructions.

I intend for this to be a temporary solution.  Many of our staff have children and wearing the many hats of veterinary professional, teacher, mom, spouse, caregiver, etc., has worn us thin.  We are dedicated to our calling and once we get our feet back under us, we will go back to regular 7am-6 pm hours, Monday – Friday. 

Thank you and take care.

Sharon King, DVM