dog scratchingWe see a lot of itchy dogs. They come in scratching their ears, licking their paws, rubbing their noses, and gnawing on their nether regions. When your dog is miserable, you’ll do what it takes to combat the enemy.

The Battle of the Itch. Itching is most often associated with allergies, and spring is allergy season. Whether your dog is suffering from flea, food, or environmental allergies, the result is the same. The technical term is atopic dermatitis, and the resulting irritation often leads to skin or ear infections.

Identifying the Enemy. If your dog is suffering from the scratch and itch disease, it’s important to find the root cause. But in the meantime, we want to alleviate your dog’s suffering. We often prescribe topical medicines, steroids, or Apoquel®, and now we have another, more convenient way to stop itching in your dog.

A Shot Across the Bow. Cytopoint® is a relatively new drug that is given by injection, and gives from four to eight weeks of relief from the signs of atopic dermatitis. It works by targeting and neutralizing the protein that causes a dog to itch.

Cytopoint is safe for most dogs, even dogs who are on other medicines. It’s very convenient, because we administer the shot one time. We’ve had great results with Cytopoint®, and patients love it. In fact, we hear it all the time: “I need that shot that keeps my dog from itching.”

Choose Your Weapon. If your dog has atopic dermatitis, come in and let’s discuss your options with you. We’ll go through your options to alleviate the itching so that your dog’s skin has a chance to heal while we find the root cause of the problem.

You can win the battle against itching. Call us today and let’s set up a strategy to get your dog healthy and happy again.