In the month of May, get a free VIP session with an overnight stay!

In the month of May, get a free VIP session with an overnight stay! Cuddles, anyone?!

Warm May weather means summer vacations can’t be too far away. As you’re making your plans, don’t forget to plan for your pet during your travels. Will she go with you to the cabin in the mountains? Or will you book a kennel stay or arrange for a pet sitter?
If you’re organizing a “staycation” for your pet where she stays either at home with a pet sitter or at a kennel, plan ahead with:
1. Daily medicines. If your dog has any chronic condition that requires daily medicines, make sure your caretaker has an ample supply of what’s needed.
2. Emergency contacts. Leave behind accurate emergency contact particulars. Your caretaker needs your traveling communication details and a back-up contact should you be out of range.
3. Microchip Timing. If you haven’t made arrangements for microchipping your pet, your vacation could be an ideal time.
4. ID tags. Make sure your pet’s tags are up to date, legible and safely attached.
On the Road Again? If your “furry baby” will be traveling with you, consider the following points as you prepare:
1. Vaccines. Check with us and make sure all vaccines are up to date.
2. Daily medicines. To treat your pet’s chronic condition, make sure you have enough medicine for the amount of days you’ll be away.
3. Travel requirements. If you and your pet will be traveling by plane, double check the airline requirements for pet transit. If you’re going to another country, make sure you know what that particular country needs from you.

4. Identification needs.
In a different environment, a pet that wanders could quickly lose his way from you. Microchipping and up-to-date ID tags can help others identify your pet and return her.
5. Packing for your pet:
       a. Take a first aid kit that should include pain medicine, anti-anxiety medicine, motion sickness medicine and bandage materials. Talk to your vet about AdaptilTM products for anxiety and Cerenia for motion sickness. Let us help!
       b. Tuck in bottled water because some pets may be sensitive to water changes.
PLUS, during the month of May, your pet’s entitled to a free VIP session with an overnight stay. Give us a call and allow us to take care of all the details.