July is Back to Basics month at Town N Country. Don’t let the lazy days of summer mean you forget routine preventatives for your pet. Here are the basics for cats and dogs.

Pure-Bred Persions and Not-Quite-Calicos:
You know the type. They own the house, but you pay the mortgage. To keep your cool cat in splendid shape, don’t forget these jazzy steps:

Monthly flea prevention. Okay, maybe monthly flea prevention doesn’t sound jazzy, but this simple routine can lead to the happy dance if fleas are kept out of your new living room furniture. (You probably don’t want fleas in your old furniture either.) Fleas are the devil and if unchecked, will manage to find their way into your humble abode this time of year. We see it everyday. “But my cat NEVER goes outside. There is NO WAY he has fleas.” “Well, Mrs. Smith, your kitty never goes out but the fleas ALWAYS find their way in.” Such a simple product and simple step to avoid the most pesty creature.

Routine Dewormings. Revolution is the product of choice at Town N Country; it is proven to work very well for many patients. Even indoor cats should have this.

Pedigreed Puppies and Marvelous Mutts:
You may or may not be sure what breed your dog is, but you were quickly won over by the big brown eyes and the floppy ears. To keep your furry baby of the family happy and healthy, remember these

Monthly flea prevention. Dogs also need this preventive maintenance during the “dog days” of summer. Don’t wait until you think your dog has fleas – prevention is much easier than the cure.

Heartworm prevention. This mosquito-borne disease is easily prevented and tough to cure. Don’t take a chance with your dog.

Routine fecal analysis should be done yearly for parasite prevention and deworming frequency is determined on a individual basis. These simple steps can save a lot of expense and heartache.

If you have a senior pet, senior lab panels are an amazing tool to effectively gauge your pet’s health. Many times, pet owners have started to accept aspects of their pets’ behavior as “old age” when these symptoms actually point to disease.

When caught early, many diseases are easily treatable. Early intervention avoids catastrophic events and changes a pet’s quality of life tremendously.

It turns out that your mama was right about pet care too! An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Don’t procrastinate and delay the simple, basic steps to keep your pet healthy and happy.