“Betsy, did you notice that nasty cough in the new dog? I’m not getting any closer.”

It’s a dog’s nature to be social. That’s why most of TNC’s patents need the Bordetella vaccination. This vaccine offers protection against “kennel cough” or “Infectious Tracheobronchitis”. You’ll find potential for this infection whenever and wherever dogs congregate.
So dogs that attend doggie daycare or training classes, compete in shows or sporting events, are groomed regularly or spend time in the dog park or overnight in the kennel all need protection.

All dogs cough from time to time – some even do something called a reverse sneeze – but kennel cough is characterized by frequent fits of coughing. Many dog owners describe the infection as: “my dog sounds like she’s got something stuck in her throat.”

The Nose Has It Immunization couldn’t be simpler because this particular vaccine is administered intranasally (through the nose – without needles!)

Your dog’s nose is exactly where you want his immunity to develop since that’s where the natural infection would attack. Puppies may be vaccinated as early as 3 weeks of age, and immunity lasts 12 to 13 months.

Some dogs may exhibit symptoms like sneezing or nasal discharge during the week after the vaccine. It’s recommended that the vaccine be given at least four days before any possible exposure (group setting), and boosters should be given every six months.

Certain strains of the virus are more prone to progress to pneumonia, so vaccinating your dog regularly is her best protection. If you’ve got questions about what’s best for your dog, give us a call.