the common fleaWith the weather plummeting, we tend to give a sigh of relief when it comes to fleas, because, freezing weather kills fleas – right?

Well, the answer to that is, sort of. Fleas don’t die in freezing weather if:
…the temperature doesn’t stay below freezing for at least three days.
…the flea finds a warm host outdoors, like a raccoon or a squirrel.
…the flea gets in any cozy spot – like a barn or a place near an outdoor heating vent.
…the fleas are in your house!

We can’t tell you exactly where the fleas are finding the warm places near us, but we know they’re finding them, because we’re seeing many, many patients with flea infestations.

If your pet is scratching, the first thing you need to check is for fleas. And if you’ve not given your flea prevention medicine, do it now, or your pet may very well be the next one with an appointment to see us!