Cats are demanding bosses, which might be why most of us usually leave the house to go to our jobs. Now we’re sharing office space with Montgomery, and he’s definitely not keeping to the six feet rule.

If your cat insists on hogging the laptop, you can be pretty sure that she’s not trying to help you with your research. Odds are that she’s attracted to the warm computer, or simply wants to share a water cooler joke.

Here’s a little memo from the Cat Resources Department on creating a cat and human friendly work environment.

Place a pet friendly warming bed or pad on a place higher than your desk, but still very close to you. Put your cat at his new workstation, and give a treat to reinforce that this is a great place. When she jumps back to you, immediately put her back at her – er – desk, and give another treat. If he stays there, periodically reward him with more treats and reinforcements.

The goal is for you to be able to work alone, and for your bosscat to have a paws off supervisory position only.

Thanks to our friends at Chirrups and Chatter for their ideas for this post. You can see these tips in action on their Facebook page.