At least one-third of dogs have some level of noise aversion. Noises like sirens, trash trucks, thunder, and fireworks can frighten even the bravest looking dog.

In some dogs, the symptoms of noise aversion are unmistakable. The firetruck goes by and Smokey begins to howl and bark. Thunderstorms send Lightning cowering under the bed. The neighbor’s firecrackers make Sparky jump into your lap and shake.

In other dogs, the fear shows up in different ways, like panting, general restlessness, or hypervigilance. Other pets may furrow their brow with their ears back, or simply yawn a lot. But all of these are signs of distress.

At Town N Country, we have several suggestions to help your pet stay calm during noise. One of those options is Sileo®. It’s the first and only FDA-approved treatment for canine noise aversion. The best part is that it calms without sedating — meaning your dog can still be a part of family activities.

Fireworks and firetrucks and thunder don’t have to be frightening! Call us today and talk to us about Sileo® for your pet.

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