Once upon a time there was a dog who ruled in a beautiful palace with some humans who loved her very much. For the most part, life was wonderful for this dog. The days were filled with treats and toys and long romps in the dog park. The dog ruled her humans well, and for the most part, life was good.

But not all. Because throughout the palace and the royal gardens there were some horrible creatures that were bent on destruction of the happiness of all who lived there. Almost invisible, tiny fleas, ticks, and mites were a constant source of irritation to the princess dog and her loyal subjects.

One day, however, a very wise woman (if you’re really into this story, you can imagine that this woman looked a whole lot like either Dr. King, Dr. Bolynn, or Dr. Horn) gave a magic pill to the humans that lived with the royal dog. The wise woman called the pill “Simparica®”, and said that the pill had special powers:

•It would start to kill the evil fleas in only three hours, and would finish off job in only eight hours.
•It would protect the royal dogs for up to five weeks!
•It would even kill the fleas inside the palace, keeping them from laying eggs and starting new infestations of the royal quarters!
•It would start killing ticks within eight hours.

Even better, the delicious magic pill only needed to be eaten once a month, so that the fleas and ticks were banished from the kingdom forever!

Simparica® ushered a new, carefree time into the lives of our dog and her family. And the good news is that you, too, can get this magic pill for your dog and your castle. Give us a call, and we’ll grant you an audience with one of the wise women at Town N Country.

Then your dog and her royal subjects can live happily ever after, never having to worry about fleas and ticks again.

The End.