At Town ‘N’ Country Animal Hospital, we treat each pet as an individual. Our pricing for grooming is based on breed type, and some costs may be higher in cases of poor coat condition, matting, difficulties in handling, or other special circumstances. We’re happy to give you an estimate of a price range relating to your dog’s size, coat type and basic condition.


Please call our office to schedule an appointment for your dog’s salon service or initial consultation. We require that all dogs dropped off for services be up to date on their distemper/parvo, bordetella and rabies vaccines, as well a yearly fecal.

We also require that all cats dropped off for services be up to date on their distemper/calici and rabies vaccines. This is for your pet’s protection and the safety of all pets here at our facility. Please make arrangements for our reception staff to obtain this information prior to your appointment, if your pet is not a patient here.
INITIAL CONSULTATION – Always free. Bring your pet in to meet our groomers and discuss your needs and desires.

     •Bath & Brush – The best choice for most short-haired and medium-coated breeds not requiring a haircut or dematting. Includes premium-quality shampoo, blow drying and ends with a light brushing. Your dog will come away clean, brushed, shining and feeling great!
     •Brush Out – For dogs with long or dense coats that require more extensive brushing.
     •Complete Grooming – For breeds and mixes that would benefit from more extensive, specialty grooming. This includes everything listed above plus a nail trim and skilled trimming, clipping and finishing appropriate to your dog’s breed. A great way to pamper your pet and get that perfect look you desire!
     •Cats? Yes, cats. They can benefit from bath and a good brushing, too – especially long-haired breeds. Some even need an occasional haircut. Talk to us about what we recommend.


We offer a wide range of specialty shampoos. Discuss your pet’s needs with your groomer.
     •Oatmeal Bath – Soothing relief for dry, itchy skin. Calms inflammation and helps restore natural moisture to skin & coat.
     •Whitening Shampoo – Natural optical brightener shampoo, not a bleach.
     •Hypoallergenic shampoo – Extra-gentle, soapless formula for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.
     •Medicated bath – For relief from dandruff, dermatitis, itching, body odors & dry skin. Consult one of our veterinarians, to find out which medicated shampoo is best for your pet.
     •Moisturizing Conditioner – A deep penetrating hair revitalizer that helps replenish natural oils to leave the coat soft & shiny.


     •Tooth Brushing – We’ll brush your dog’s teeth, with our delicious vanilla mint toothpaste.
     •Pedicure – Don’t need a full grooming, but want your dog’s nails done? We’ll clip or file your dog’s nails.
     •Ear cleaning & hair removal – Keeping your dog’s ear canals clean and free of hair is recommended for some dog breeds and we are happy to assist with this.


Strut your stuff, beautiful! Enjoy your groom with peace of mind, knowing that if you have any questions, concerns or changes you’d like to make, the groomer is available by phone to speak with you about your needs.