calico catOne of our goals at Town N Country is to keep your animals as pain free as possible. When we know your sweet kitty (or sourpuss) is hurting, there are several treatment options that we offer at Town N Country:

1. Acupuncture. Cats typically have excellent response to acupuncture in terms of pain reduction. We’re always amazed at how cats are usually really tolerant of the procedure, too! We like acupuncture because there are minimal to no side effects. We have a specialist that comes to our hospital and partners with Dr. Bolynn.
2. Metacam. This liquid pain reliever is very easy to administer, and we often give it for post-operative pain. We avoid long-term use due to potential side effects, including kidney issues.
3. Simbodol. When your kitty needs an extra bit of pain control, the 24 hour injectable opioid often does the trick.
4. Gabapentin. We use this medication for neuropathic pain, and it is excellent for long-term use, especially in patients with arthritis. When used at the correct dosages, it has little to no side effects other than sometimes mild sedation.
The short of it is that cats are tough to figure out when they’re in pain. We count on your knowledge of your cat and our experience with pain management to figure out the best treatment to take the “Ow!” out of Meow!