Last week we told you about a new anxiety treatment called Calming Care. It’s a simple probiotic powder that you sprinkle on your dog’s food once a day, with some pretty impressive results. Here are the results from triple blind trials conducted by Purina:

Clowns to the Left. Twenty-Four anxious Labrador Retrievers were observed as they interacted with various stressors, such as music, silence, startles, new objects, strangers, separations – and clowns. The dogs were monitored for excessive barking or whining, jumping, pacing, or spinning. Their heart rates and cortisol levels were also recorded.

Class Clown. After six weeks on either Calming Care or a placebo, the dogs were placed in the stressful situations again. There were significant reductions in the anxious behaviors, and also a decrease in heart rate and cortisol.

Clowning Around. The most impressive thing to us was that the dogs showed more confidence; they actually approached the stranger, the new objects, and the clowns.

We were so impressed when we read the study that we put it to the test on a dog that we know. Our office manager Rebecca’s dog Beans has severe anxiety, and she’s had amazing results, which you can read about here!

If you have a dog that suffers from anxiety, read more about Calming Care. Don’t clown around with other things that aren’t proven to work. Give us a call and let’s talk.