convenience careConvenient Care is a service that allows you to drop off your pet in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon, while we work with your pet in between. Your pet will hang out at Town N Country until we examine her. Then we call you to discuss the visit, and go over any test results.

How Convenient? To make a Convenient Care appointment, call us and just let us know that you would like to drop off your four legged friend for their routine appointment. Pets who are left with us for convenient care must be up to date on all shots including Bordetella. To make it even more convenient for you, you can even request an appointment on our PetDesk app. Choose the reason for the visit and then in the notes/special requests write that you would prefer a drop off appointment.

Convenient Where? Drop off for Convenient Care is at our Forestdale Campus. A receptionist or nurse will review what needs to be completed during your visit. Once one of our staff of doctors have evaluated your pet and finished their treatment, you will receive a call to discuss what was done, the outcome and you’ll be instructed when it’s time to pick them up.

More Convenience!
Convenient Care isn’t just for sick visits. We can also do routine procedures during this time – like vaccines or ear cleanings. Grooming, baths, and nail trims can also be scheduled during the convenient care day.

Convenient Pay. We now have the ability to text or email your invoice and total for the day. You can simply enter payment information on your phone. This will speed up pick up time at the end of the day! You’ll get an email with a secure link, and you simply click, enter your credit card information, and pick up your pet!

Make your appointment at your earliest convenience, and experience the convenience of convenient care!