traveling royally with petMemorial Day is behind us, school is out, and it’s summer vacation time! If you and your family have big travel plans, we know that a big part of your planning will be what to do with your pets. If you are taking Sir Charlemagne along for the ride, here are our royal directives on how to make sure his royal highness has everything he needs for his kingdom tour…

1. Royal Subjects.
When you’re visiting family or friends, make sure your host is aware that Queen Sheba is coming and is okay with it. Even those with their own pets may not welcome an additional cat or dog. Start the conversation and be flexible. Some things are best left unsaid, but this isn’t one of them. If you’re going to be staying at a hotel, check on pet policies early! You don’t want to be royally surprised…

2. Royal Throne.
Your pet’s crate provides him with a safe, familiar environment for travel. Consider it her throne away from home.

3. Royal Scepter. Don’t forget your pet’s favorite things! A leash, special food, daily meds, and a favorite toy can help your pet handle the differences that travel brings whether by plane or by car. Taking a small pet first aid kit is also a good idea.

4. Royal Jitters. Adaptil®, available at Town N Country, is an anti-anxiety aid for nervous, furry travelers. Adaptil® collars and diffusers encourage diffusion of pheromones, hormones released by lactating mammals to comfort and soothe.

5. Royally Lost.
Getting lost happens to the best of us. Should your dog or cat wander, a microchip can help ensure a safe return. If your pet isn’t chipped, give Town N Country a call.

6. Fleur Royale.
Sensitive stomachs sometimes need a little extra kindness on the road. Some dogs develop stress colitis, which is an inflammation of the colon that usually means diarrhea. Ask us about Fortiflora®, a pro-biotic that can prevent travel induced stress colitis.

7. Royal Meals.
Give your pet a light meal three to four hours prior to your departure. Never feed your pet in a moving vehicle, and once you’re there, be careful that no one else slips in rich foods that aren’t healthy.

8. Proof of Royalty. Bring along a copy of your pet’s vaccination records. While you hope to never need them, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Ruling from Afar
. If you’ve weighed all the options, and decide that it would be better to leave your pets with us, let your pet rule the roost and stay in Kitty Corral and Doggie Day-Care. Call us for an appointment.
Whether you’re traveling with or without your pet, give us a call to be sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and ready for travel. You don’t want anything to get in the way of a royally good time for you and for your pets.
Happy Summer to you and your pets. And long may they reign!