medicine and radiologyHave you ever noticed that X-ray vision isn’t a popular super power any more? That’s because modern technology has made it very common to be able to see through things. Digital imaging is truly like a super power- it’s a way to look inside a body.

At Town N Country, we use that super power a lot. Digital imaging allows us to get a better look at what’s happening inside the internal organs and structures of an animal’s body, without invasive procedures. We can see things that we may not be able to detect through a physical exam or blood test. This means less stress and discomfort for our patients, and more accurate and efficient diagnoses. Our radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasounds are done in house and are evaluated by a board certified radiologist.

So why do we need this super power of digital imaging? Here are a few examples:

Super Pregnant. When it comes to theriogenology (AKA reproductive health), digital imaging allows us to verify pregnancies. We can see the developing babies inside the mother’s womb. We can monitor their growth and development, and identify any abnormalities or issues that may arise.

Super Not Supposed to Be There. Digital imaging helps us see things like lumps and masses that shouldn’t be in the body. We can determine their location, size, and sometimes we can tell whether they are benign or cancerous. We can detect fluid where there shouldn’t be so it can be identified and drained. If your pet has swallowed a sock or a needle or stick or – something, we can locate and remove it.

Super Dentist. Radiographs help us diagnose oral diseases, such as periodontal disease. By providing an image of the teeth and underlying bone structure, radiographs allow us to detect dental problems that may not be visible during a routine dental exam. Radiographs lessen the amount of time that pets are under anesthesia.

Super Changes. Digital imaging allows us to monitor changes in organ size, which can help us diagnose a range of issues, such as liver disease or kidney failure.

We can’t leap over tall buildings, and we’re not more powerful than a speeding locomotive. But by using our super power of digital imaging, we can see inside of your super pets, ensuring the best possible outcomes, and providing the care and attention they deserve.