raw dog food“You know I love you, right? Pass me the chicken, will ya?”
To your dog, love is a piece of your hamburger, a sliver of your chicken or whatever you’re eating at the time. Any dog can turn into a beggar, but under-the-table treats should be the exception and not the rule.
Of course, your cat would never dream of begging. She’s more adept at a planned hunger strike. She knows that if she stops eating whatever you provide, you may bring out better choices.
Good nutrition means wise choices, and those choices can vary a bit for each individual pet.
Wet? Dry? Raw? What packs the best nutrition for your pet? Dry Kibble is crunchy and helps clean your dog’s or cat’s teeth as they chew. It’s also the least expensive option. Read labels closely – you want more meat than grain in your pet’s dry food. Most pets prefer wet food because it has more meat, but it’s a bit more expensive. However, if you have an older pet that has trouble chewing, canned wet food may be your best choice.
Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diets® are sold at Town N Country. Many customers are surprised by the turn around their pets experienced with Raw – a glossier coat, more energy, better muscle tone, to name a few noticeable changes. (You can certainly start small and see how your pet likes it.)
Whatever you choose, it’s always a good idea to occasionally rotate varieties of your pet’s main food source from time to time to provide variety, meet nutritional needs and prevent development of allergies. Even switching between kibbles is beneficial.
Does your Pet need a Prescription Diet?A prescription diet is formulated for dogs with health challenges like kidney problems, digestive issues, skin problems or allergies, to name a few. If your pet has a recurring health issue, talk to your vet. Prescription diets have been created and are continually monitored by the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), a branch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be sure the product lives up to its claim to treat a specific condition.
Once a diagnosis points to your pet’s need for a prescription diet, your vet would closely monitor your pet’s health to ensure the best possible solution.
Live long and prosper. The best way to love your dog or cat is to feed them well – which means a balanced, nutritious diet. Allowing a pet to overeat and gain weight means that his life can be shortened by a couple of years! Like you, your pet’s dietary needs will change for many reasons. Talk to us about the right choices for your pet.