pets at the holidaysLet’s face it. If pets could talk, they’d probably embarrass us. Can you even imagine what they would say to your guests – and their pets – at the holidays? It would make a great holiday drama script.

“I don’t like you one bit.”

“Get out of my face.”

“That was funny the first two times. Now it’s just annoying. And stupid. So go away.”

“Who ARE these people?!”


Thankfully in these instances, pets can’t talk, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking these things. Very often holiday guests cause stress in your pets. And sometimes, those thoughts translate into actions – snapping, scratching, and even biting.

Before you have a trip to the ER to sew up a bite wound, read your pet’s mind, and…

Give Me My Space. Give your pet a dedicated spot in your home to be alone for the holidays. A corner in your bedroom, in the laundry, or a walk in closet may be just the spot for a crate, some favorite toys, soothing Feliway® or Adaptil®, and some peace and quiet.

Give Me a Break. Even if your pet likes Uncle Felix and his dog Max, sometimes, too much is too much. Watch for signs that your furbaby is tired of being nice, and remove her to her space. (See above.)

Give Me a Vacation! We all expect that we’ll be one happy big family during the holidays, but sometimes, those expectations are just not realistic. Give your pet a holiday from it all, and make an appointment with us for a visit to Doggy Day Care or Pet Boarding. We have dedicated space for cats, by the way. You’ll be less stressed, and your pet will have a great time. (Make your reservation early; we fill up fast!)

If your pet hates your inlaws, your cousin, your college roommate, or your granddog, it’s really okay. We don’t all get along, even (or especially) at the holidays. Give your pet what he wants, and give yourself less drama this holiday season.