This contest is now closed.
fat catHere’s the skinny: too much weight gain can endanger your pet. Obesity among pets has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Did you realize that approximately 52% of all US dogs and 58% of all US cats weigh enough to be considered obese or overweight?
When your sweet cat Tabby starts looking tubby, his life span can be two years shorter than a cat at his recommended weight. An overweight pet can suffer from life-threatening conditions like heart disease or diabetes. (Imagine giving your dog insulin shots every 12 hours!)
Dogs or cats that don’t exercise and put on weight may experience orthopedic injuries, cruciate tears, intervertebral disk disease or arthritis. Losing just a little weight can initiate increased activity levels and lead to better health and a longer life span for your pet.
That’s why Town N Country is sponsoring a three month weight loss competition beginning this month. Each entry will receive a Purina starter package – free Purina OM dog food or Purina DM cat food, food bowl, measuring cup, laser pointer (for cats) or frisbee (for dogs).
Each pet must schedule a competition entry appointment before the end of February to be done with an exam room nurse. Your pet will receive a weight evaluation, body condition scoring, picture, and measurements.
Contestants must commit to feed the diet over the 3 month course and return for monthly weigh-ins. The contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss will receive the grand-prize, which includes a complete spa package*, a $150.00 gift certificate for use toward future purchase of prescription weight loss diet, and other surprises!
Of course, in this contest, losers may not win the big prize, but all losers will gain. So call now to schedule your contest entry appointment – and may the best loser win!
*Spa package includes groom or bath, brushout and nail trim, depending on the breed/species of the winner.
Biggest Loser Contest Details and Rules:
Clients wanting their pet to join the program must schedule an intake appointment. This appointment is complimentary and there will be no charge associated with this service. At the appointment the client will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire/diet history for their pet. Our staff will then use this information to counsel the client as to how to successfully start their pet’s weight loss journey (changes in home environment, addition of exercise program, reduction of treats, etc). At the end of the appointment our staff will then take pictures of the pet and record their current weight. This appointment will be with an exam room nurse, will last about 20 minutes and is required for entry; pet must have an up to date physical with our hospital (within the last year). Client will be required to come back in another month and then after a two month period for additional pictures and weight checks.
Client will sign an authorization allowing us to use their pet’s story and images for advertisement. Clients owning a dog will be sent home with a free 6 lb bag of Purina dry canine Overweight Management diet, frisbee, food bowl, measuring cup, and weight loss information/ brochures. Clients owning a cat will be sent home with their choice of a free 6 lb bag of Purina dry feline Dietetic Management diet or 12 cans of Purina feline Dietetic Management, laser light, food bowl, measuring cup, and weight loss information/brochures. The sign up period for this contest will end on February 14, 2015 and we will accept entries while supplies last.
At the end of the contest period one winner will be announced. The winner chosen will be the pet that has lost highest percentage of overall body weight. The prize awarded to this pet will be a spa package with full grooming; this includes a bath, conditioner, brushout, hair cut (if necessary for breed), and nail trim AND a $150.00 gift certificate to be used for future purchases of Purina prescription diets at Town N Country Animal Hospital. To participate in spa services canines must be up to date on their exam, distemper/parvo vaccine, bordetella vaccine, rabies vaccine and fecal centrifuge test. To participate in spa services felines must be up to date on their exam, distemper/calici vaccine, and rabies vaccine. All decisions are final.