This month’s Marvelous Mutt contest is just the kick off to our Back to Basics Month. Since we’ve highlighted that Marvelous Mutt Millie (have you guessed yet?!), lets talk a little more about those not-quite-identifiable breeds of basic dogs that everyone loves to love – mutts! And did we mention how wonderful the folks are who bring them home?? Wow! These folks realize that mutts are good pets that love you back and follow you to the ends of the earth.

You may not know exactly what their heritage is, but you recognize glimpses of specific breeds here and there. The fur is definitely like a collie’s, but the head shape is more like a spaniel. Did you see that nose in action?? Must be a little hound dog or beagle in there somewhere.

For many pet owners, it is love at first sight. Adopting and caring for a pet from a shelter is an inspiring, responsible act of kindness that keeps the pet population balanced.

Do your research before searching for a pet. Check out the breeder or pet store. What condition are the animals in? What does their living space look like? What type of veterinary care have the mother and puppies been given? Where do the animals come from? These questions can help to determine if your new bundle of joy will have a happy ending. And, yes – from Chihuahuas to Rhodesian Ridgebacks – we do have breeders we recommend!

If you’re in the market for a new pet, don’t overlook the marvelous mutts nearby. If you’re adopting, please bring your new pet by for a check-up and necessary vaccinations, and other basic care tips. More on those Back to Basic tips later this month…

PS In case you don’t know about the contest, guess the top three breeds in Millie, and you could win a genetic test to find out what breeds are in your Marvelous Mutt! Read about the Marvelous Mutt Contest.