doggie daycare and boarding Who Let the Dogs Out? (WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, woof, woof)
It’s a great song – but a bad idea. Letting your dog roam the neighborhood – even if you live in a rural area – can have dangerous consequences. By keeping your dog on a lead and exercising with him, you can bypass a lot of problems.

Traffic Trauma. Your hometown or neighborhood is busier with traffic today than it was 5 years ago. Vet emergency rooms see a good number of car accident victims, and often these pets don’t survive their injuries.

Eating Disorder. A dog on the loose will eat anything she has an opportunity to: chicken bones in a neighbor’s trash can, dead or diseased wildlife or another animal’s poop. Consequences range from an upset tummy to internal blockage to life-threatening disease.

Feathers and Fur. Is your neighbor keeping a flock of chickens? Predators by nature, dogs on the run can feast on chickens and leave your neighbor hopping mad. In some states, the owner has the right to shoot an intruding dog. Other offenses may be less inflammatory but still annoying. No one wants his garden dug up or dog feces in the middle of the front lawn.

Lost or Stolen. A dog can chase a squirrel and get disoriented from finding the road home. Even if your dog consistently finds her way home from every end of the county, it’s possible that some unsavory person could steal her away.

Attack Mode. You’ve read the news reports about the dogs that attack children, adults or other animals far too often. And you can’t ignore the possibility that your dog might be the one that’s attacked by an aggressive dog. Some people who are fearful of dogs can be intimidated by the very sight of your dog trotting around the block. Do your part by keeping your dog on lead – and be a good neighbor.

It’s the Law. Laws for loose dogs vary from place to place, but there are some really stiff legal penalties for many situations. Know the law in your area.

As you can see, a loose dog can run into all sorts of problems – and create bigger problems for you. Every dog needs to be walked daily – and the best way for your pet to do that is with you. Lace up your sneaks and grab the leash. Your biggest fan awaits you by the front door.