On Christmas morning, many of our patients are the recipients of all sorts of doggie and kitty goodies found in a stocking or under the tree. (If you haven’t see our list of gift ideas for your pet, go here.) We love our pets, and we’d feel a bit Grinchy about leaving them out of the family celebration.

The truth is, of course, that while you might give catnip or a Kong at Christmas, your pet gives a gift to you all year long. Scientific studies prove that pets reduce stress, keep people active, alleviate loneliness, and boost overall well being.

But you didn’t need a scientific study to prove that. We asked you on Facebook, and you made a list of gifts that your pet has given you. Here is the gift list of some of the things and stories that you shared.

No gift can compare to the unconditional love and joy a fur baby gives.

Missey Booth Leed.

Imogene & Henry are my very own weighted blankets. They climb on/snuggle up, and my nervous system instantly calms down. Animals are the BEST.

Jenn Grimmett

Besides unconditional love and happiness, Moshi brings me no sleep and steals my bed place ?. But seriously, I hand raised her and she is my baby and really does not let me sleep.

Cat Wilkerson

Patsy has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love. She is by far the sweetest pet I could ask for. To be greeted every day like she has not seen me in years is one of the best feelings!

Paula Dozier Goodman

Daisy has brought so much joy and craziness into our household…she gives me love and comfort always, and can tell when I’m in a bad place…she is my princess and I don’t know what we would do without her..

Laura Jernigan

They brighten even the darkest of my days and their unconditional love fills my heart and gives me purpose. I’d do anything for these sweet babies.

Jamie McLaughlin

I love this kitty and his unconditional love……well maybe my unconditional love for me. My kitties make me smile even on my worst days!

And I love this girl too! She keeps me on my toes! (Name only)

Debbie Best Womack

Pets are loving and a joy to be with. They are always glad to see you and spent time with you. They just add so much to people’s lives. They teach us a lot if we are willing to see.

Debbie Elkins

Unconditional love and many fun memories still to come.

Lee Ann Brafford Brumble