At Town ‘N’ Country we care about keeping every part of your pet healthy, including their dental health. And just like you schedule a visit with your dentist for routine cleanings or a specialty treatment, dental services are important for your four legged friends too. We offer a full array of dental services:

Cleanings. Keeping your pet’s mouth clean is important for multiple reasons. Routine cleaning prevents oral damage, bad breath, bacteria buildup, and can even prevent more serious problems to major organs. Our cleanings include subgingival scaling (tartar removal) and full dental mapping. This process involves a very careful evaluation of every individual tooth for fractures, gingival pockets, abscess, mobility, bruising, and any other abnormality. As with any procedure, prevention and early detection can help protect your pet from more serious complications down the road.

Dental Radiography. Sometimes we need to dig deeper to see what’s really going on under those canines. Dental x-rays allow us to truly tell what the problem may be from the inside out, allowing us to detect the smallest problem at an early stage. Our x-rays are completed in house, taken and analyzed by same qualified and loving veterinarians and staff that you know and trust.

Oral Surgery. In the case that further treatment is needed after a cleaning or a check up, we provide oral surgery including extractions, orthopedic fracture repair, and soft tissue surgery. As always, we ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible and provide pain medication as needed including oral nerve blocks during and after treatment.

Specialty Treatments. After completion of a full oral examination by your veterinarian, an oral antimicrobial treatment may be recommended. These treatments kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms inside your pet’s mouth and they can help preserve gum tissue or even prevent tooth loss.

You may note that while we have a full service of dental prevention and treatments, we do not offer sedation dentistry. There are many reasons why we don’t offer this service, but the bottom line is this – your pet’s safety is our top priority. We always do your pet’s dental work under general anesthesia. Before we administer the anesthesia, we are very careful to do bloodwork. Your pet will be intubated using a breathing tube, and her vitals will be monitored closely.

Just as you take care of your own oral health, keeping your pet’s dental needs in mind are very important. Proper cleanings can prevent major problems in the future.

Call us today to schedule a dental consultation for your dog or cat, and keep everyone healthy, happy, and smiling!