Grab Onto Our Advice About Medicated Baths

Don't you just love a long, luxurious soak in a hot bubble bath? We're betting that this isn't something you and your dog have in common. Most dogs just don't like taking a bath, and for most dogs, they only need to be bathed every six weeks to six months. (Surprised? Read more...) For dogs [...]

How to Clean Sounder’s Ears

Long ears, short ears, pointy ears, floppy ears. All dogs have ears, and at some point in time, all dogs' ears need to be cleaned. If you've not cleaned Sounder's ears lately - if ever - take a peek inside. Cleaning Time. Have you heard? Some dogs rarely need to have their ears cleaned, and [...]

Could It Be? Nausea and Nerves in the Car.

For many dogs, riding in a car is a smorgasbord of pleasures. Look at it from your dog's perspective: the anticipation of seeing something new, the new sights, all the fabulous smells, and just the simple fact of being close to you. Then there are the dogs that are miserable in the car. For these [...]

Cat Owners Read This: Ticks and Cytauxzoonosis

As if ticks weren't bad enough already, there is a tick borne parasite on the rise. It's called Cytauxzoon felis and it causes a very serious disease called Cytauxzoonosis. The organism infects the blood cells of cats, including house cats, by a tick bite. And yes, we have had cases at Town N Country. Cats [...]

Safe at Home. Part 2.

We're talking this month about the importance of pet proofing your yard and garden. There are things that you can do to reduce the chances of your pet having a run in with a snake or another creature. If, despite your best efforts, your pet has a harmful encounter with another creature, it's important to [...]

Safe at Home. Part 1.

There's nothing like the good old outdoors in the spring! The fresh air and exercise is great for you and your pets. It's important to remember, however, that your yard can also hold dangers. This is the first in a series that talks about the dangers, but also about prevention and a plan of action [...]

Your Part in Allergy Relief

When your pet has allergies, we want to alleviate the suffering as much as possible, whether the problem is parasites, food, or the environment. We always try to pinpoint the allergen, but at the same time, we work with you to calm the symptoms that cause your pet to be miserable. Dogs and cats with [...]

Cracking The Case of Dermatology

Veterinarian work is somewhat akin to solving a crime. Sometimes making a diagnosis and a treatment plan is really easy. We see a dog limping, we find a thorn in the foot. So we remove the thorn and the dog stops limping. Sometimes, however, it takes a little bit of investigative work to make sure [...]

Keeping Your Dog’s Mind Sharp in Senior Years

If you have a dog who is getting a bit grey around the muzzle, it's important to keep them fit and healthy. That goes for their body, but also for their mind. As your dog ages, their memory and learning can be affected by a change in the brain's glucose metabolism. This can cause memory, [...]

How Old is Old for a Pet?

On average, pets are living longer than ever before. Modern science, better diets, and better care have increased life expectancy. But at what age is a pet considered 'old'? "My dog's 60 in people years." You've heard the old rule of thumb that one dog year is equal to seven human years. While it's true [...]

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