traveling with your petAfter cancelling vacation plans this past summer, many of you have started traveling again. A change of scenery benefits everyone, but that may or may not include your pet. Unfortunately, Rambler may fear the change from routine that goes along with traveling the open road. What can you do to make the journey pleasant for all of you?

Take a look at the following tips to help take the fear out of your pet’s adventure:

1. Carrier Comforts. Carriers provide a comfortable, safe way for your pet to travel. The surrounding crate feels familiar to your dog or cat. Tuck in a favorite toy or pillow for a little reassurance.

2. Test drive. Before you drive across the country, try a short trip or two to help your pet become accustomed to travel by car.

3. No pet left behind. Wherever you wander, don’t leave your pet in a parked car. You would be astounded by how quickly temperatures inside a parked car can rise, putting your pet in danger of overheating.

4. Daily breads, meds, and leads. You know what your pet needs on a daily basis – pack all medications, special foods, and favorite toys. Don’t forget your dog’s lead and a small first aid kit to help you handle an emergency.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If your pet exhibits symptoms of stress, you might consider AdaptilTM for dogs and FeliwayTM for cats, both available in collars, diffusers, or sprays. Pheromones are released by lactating mammals to comfort and soothe puppies. They work well to calm a harried pet traveler, and are available at Town N Country.

6. A way home. A microchip can help ensure your pet is returned to you should the unthinkable happen and you’re separated. Make sure that your chip is registered and that your contact information is current. Check to see that rabies tags are up to date, too.

7. Traveling tummies. Nothing’s more miserable than an upset stomach on the road. Prevent potential problems by only offering bottled water once your journey’s begun. You may want to talk to your vet about Cerenia, a medicine for motion sickness.

8. A lighter fare. Give your pet a light meal three to four hours prior to your departure. Even on a longer trip, don’t feed your pet in a moving vehicle.

9. Shot records. Bringing along a copy of vaccination records is a prudent idea. (Pro tip: Save them on your smartphone.) While you hope to never have to pull them out, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

10. Consider leaving your fur babies with us! We’ll give lots of love, treats, snacks, playtime, outdoor time, and even grooming, so you can travel worry free. Some pets are very stressed while traveling, and for these pets, it’s better for all concerned if they board with us.

Before you go, make a pit stop to see us at Town N Country. You can make sure all immunizations are up to date and talk to us about any medications your pet may need to travel before you get back on the road again!