vip session petAs you’re planning your vacation, make sure to plan for your pet too. For the month of May, your pet can receive a free VIP session with each night of boarding at Town N Country that you book for her.
What’s a VIP Session? It’s a 15-minute session of fun for your pet. What’s your dog’s greatest joy? If it’s a rousing game of fetch the ball, one of our staff members can gladly do that. Everyone at Town N Country loves VIP sessions because they’re fun for everyone.
Maybe your cat’s idea of a lovely 15 minutes would be for someone to sit and cuddle him. Or perhaps your pet’s perfect VIP session is an extra-long fur brushing session. Does your puppy need to be socialized? We can do that!
Is your Labrador a water baby? On sunny days, we set up kiddie pools in the back for the ones who love to splash and play. If you’d like to use the time for your dog to be taught basic commands (with treats, of course), we can do that too.
Walking in the neighborhood with one of our staff members is another way for your pet to spend a VIP session.
A VIP session is designed to be something special and customized for your cat or dog. Let us know what your pet loves, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
Usually VIP sessions cost $8.81 but during the month of May you get a free session with every night of boarding. May’s a great time to try!
Routine boarding at Town N Country includes lots of love, scheduled feedings and regular pottie breaks. If you like, your homemade or Raw diet meals can be prepared according to your directions. If you have treats you want given at a certain time of day, we’re happy to oblige.
If May travel is part of your plan, boarding and VIP sessions at Town N Country can be part of your pet’s plan. Give us a call and let us set up a time of fun for a Very Important Pet – yours!
Offer expires May 31, 2013.