dog and table foodAt Town N Country, this question is raised frequently, and the answer might not be that scary one you’re anticipating.

You’re about to read ground-breaking,earth-shattering, life-changing, paradigm-shifting, ghost-busting information. Yes, you can feed your sweet furry baby table food. Breathe deeply and wait a moment for your shock to subside before you continue.

Okay, there’s a caveat or two.

Take a medi-gap. If your pet has any medical condition, consult with your vet before you offer table food.

Moderation matters! If your pet has eaten kibble exclusively, introduce new foods gradually in small amounts.

Live on the edge. When you shop at the grocery store for your pet’s table foods, the best aisles to choose from are on the outside where you’ll find fresh (and frozen) fruits and veggies.

Avoid toxic foods. Some foods can cause digestive problems for your dog or cat. You’ll find examples here of what to avoid and what to offer from time to time.

Consider weighty matters. If your pet’s overweight, help him return to a healthy weight before introducing table foods. Talk to us and discover the best way to do that! Special foods are available at Town N Country.

Boneless is beautiful. As normal as it seems, bones – even for chewing – are not recommended. Chunks of cartilage can easily be chewed but unfortunately can’t easily be digested. Risks include obstruction that may require surgery, fractured teeth that would require extraction and GI upsets that can make everyone in the house uncomfortable.

Reflect on Raw. Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diets offer your pet what she craves most: meat in just-right portions that have been flash frozen for optimum nutrition and convenience. Find out more.

If the idea of adding a little food to your pet’s diet is brand new to you, talk to us about portions, transition and your pet’s overall nutritional needs.