TNC to Have Two Campuses To Serve You

It's not quite official, but the cat is definitely out of the bag. We're adding a second location! You may have seen the new sign at 3496 Forestdale Drive in Burlington. Some of you will recognize the address as the former Burlington Animal Hospital. The additional campus will help us spread out more and reduce [...]

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – A Review

The Rocky Mountains are the source of the Snake River, a beautiful feature of the Pacific Northwest. In 1896, the Rocky Mountains were also identified as the source of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, yet another disease transmitted by ticks. Unlike their namesake, RMSF is no vacation for an infected pet. Here is our negative review. [...]

Anaplasmosis. The Alternative Tick Disease

Anaplasmosis. Its name sounds like a weird Indie Pop band, but it's really a sort of an alternative, less familiar genre of the tick-borne diseases that you know and hate. Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever may grab the headlines, but Anaplasmosis is an emerging disease which is moving up on the charts. The Killers. [...]

When a Cup isn’t a Cup – A Math Problem

Knowing how much to feed your pet doesn't require advanced math, but there is a very basic unit of measurement involved. When we tell you how much kibble to give Paschal, we probably are going to tell you in cups. Defining cup. That's where problems begin. When we say cup, we mean the amount of [...]

The Handy Tricks of Hand Signals

We all know that dogs are smart. Early on, we train them to sit, stay, roll over, and fetch. And, sooner or later, they train us to throw the ball, let them outside, and to scratch them behind the ears. We usually train our dogs with verbal cues. They train us...with no words at all. [...]

Hold the Mushrooms, Please

People generally fall into two categories - those who order mushrooms, and those who don't. Pets, however, should never have mushrooms in their diet. While you're not likely to serve mushrooms in the food dish, your pet just may decide to avail himself of the free samples that pop up in your yard, especially during [...]

A Heart to Heart about Grain Free Diets

We humans often treat our dogs like they are humans, too. We talk to them, get them cute outfits, watch television with them, and buy them Valentine's Day gifts. When it comes to diet, however, it's important to remember that our dogs' dietary needs (and you can read this in a whisper) aren't human. The [...]

Gilbert The Curious Dog

So...our new guy Gilbert found a container of fish food. Since he can't read, he didn't realize that it wasn't something that he shouldn't eat. So he ate it. Actually, he ate the food and the cardboard container. When Gilbert's family found out, they were understandably concerned. What should they do? Would the fish food [...]

Gilbert the New Guy’s Family Homework

Gilbert did a great job with his first visit, and we noted a confident glint in his eye as he headed out the door for home. Next his family had a few jobs to do. First, they downloaded the Pet Desk App, available on iOS and Android. In the app, they filled out some information [...]

Gilbert the New Guy

We had a lot of new patients move to Town N Country in 2021. Among them is Gilbert, a four year old shelter rescue who came to us after his former veterinarian retired. Gilbert's family had heard a lot about our Fear Free practice, and were excited to see if it was a fear free [...]

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