ozzy nanceLadies and Gentlemen, we have a loser! Our weight loss competition is over, and the biggest percentage of weight loss goes to…Ozzy Nance!
Ozzy started the competition at a tubby 21.94 pounds. He lost 4.19, which is an impressive 19.1% reduction! And not only does Ozzy look better, he feels better, too. He runs faster, has more stamina, and plays for longer periods of time. Recently, he has figured out that he is now small enough to fit through the cracks of the fence around his yard, and tries and to go explore. Mrs. Nance says he now walks with a certain swagger, as though he knows he looks good.

He does look good, doesn’t he?! Ozzy Nance has won a $100 gift
certificate towards the future purchase of Purina Overweight Management food.

Flannery Brookshire was our runner up. Flannery lost 6.97% of his body weight, and he will receive a free 6 pound bag of the Feline Purina Overweight Management food.

Congratulations to all the losers – who are all winners!