Just like humans, some dogs are more anxious than others. Separation, loud noises, new situations, or strangers can trigger excessive barking or whining, jumping, pacing, spinning, or other destructive behaviors. If you have a Nervous Nellie, take a deep breath and read about Calming Care.

Chew On This. Calming Care is a dietary supplement produced by Purina that introduces a probiotic called B. Longum 999 into your dog’s intestinal tract. It’s actually a very tasty powder that is sprinkled on top of food. And the results are amazing.

Back and Forth. Believe it or not, there’s a nerve between the stomach and the area of the brain that produces anxious behavior. B. Longum 999 strengthens the communication between these areas. In stressful situations, it lowered the heart rate and levels of cortisol. It also markedly decreased the vocalizations and nervous movements.

Whine Down. In triple blind clinical trials, dogs who use Calming Care absolutely show an improvement. After treatment, the dogs in the study confidently approached previous stressors that they hid or cowered from prior to Calming Care. And it’s not just the studies. When the product was first released, Purina actually couldn’t keep up with the demand from veterinarians – to use on their own dogs! We also have experienced success here at Town N Country. Dogs who display prolonged or severe anxious behavior may need to use Calming Care in conjunction with prescription drugs or other treatments.

Jump to It. You must commit to using Calming Care for six to eight weeks before results are seen, and then your pet must stay on it for life – or the anxiety will return. One of the best things about the product is its affordability, especially compared with some of the other products on the market!

A dog’s stressful behavior can undermine the pet-owner relationship. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the top reasons that dogs are relinquished to shelters. If you and your dog are struggling with stress, please come talk to us about Calming Care.

Because calming down is good for both of you.