If warming your car up is the most exposure you have to cold weather, your dog’s probably not too happy with you. Rain, snow or shine, your dog behaves better and feels more content when a little exercise makes up part of the day.

Even if you don’t like cold weather, here are some exercise ideas that are cold weather friendly:

Indoor Games. When inclement weather makes an outdoor jaunt impractical, a rousing indoor game of fetch can get your dog’s heart rate up. Toss the ball or toy up the stairs or in a totally different direction to keep her guessing.

Shop’ercise. There are stores that are pet friendly – think your local pet shop. Your dog will appreciate a car ride and a change of scenery. Allow your dog to walk up and down the aisles for exercise, and you both can check out the latest toys or food puzzles like a classic Kong or a Goodie Bone.

Hunting Trip. Let your dog fantasize about hunting in the wild. You can use various toy puzzles to get her to work for treats. Or you could simply hide a few small treats in different parts of your home, and tell your dog to “Find your treat!” Lead him to it the first few times, and he’ll soon catch on.

Roll Over Beethoven. Your dog isn’t too old to learn new tricks. Teach her to jump through a hoop, jump, spin around, or an old standby like roll over.

Mind Trips. People pay big bucks to go on dogsledding trips to colder climes. Go outside! Bundle up, grab the leash, and pretend you are on an Alaskan winter vacation – for less!

If you have questions or would like to discuss your dog’s fitness needs, give us a call. We’d love to help your pet live a long, healthy life – no matter the weather.