Question: It does not cost this much to get my teeth cleaned. What’s the difference?
Veterinarian Surgery

Our answer: The list of differences is long. But here are the highlights. First of all, consider the amount of tartar and periodontal disease present in your mouth versus that of your pet. There is very likely an enormous difference. We visit the dentist every 6 month for routine preventative health and cleanings. Our pets very rarely get this service. Their teeth are cleaned when there is already evidence of tartar and/or periodontal disease. Therefore, they automatically get full mouth radiographs at each visit and the simple act of scaling, polishing and charting each tooth takes a significant amount of more time.

Another big difference – the anesthesia. Now you already know this is one of my personal soap-boxes and after reading the information about sedation dentistry, I’m sure it’s one of yours too!