What are benefits of spay/neuter?

Question: Other than keeping pet populations under control, are there any benefits to spaying or neutering an animal? Our Answer: A recent study by the University of Georgia* compared lifespans of dogs that had been sterilized with intact dogs. Deaths and causes were monitored in over 40,000 dogs treated in veterinary teaching hospitals from 1984 [...]

Question About Chewing Sticks

Question: Hi. My parents occasionally watch my dog for me when I need to go out of town and they have a huge fenced in back yard with lots of trees. My 9 month old dog will grab sticks around their yard and chew them and sometimes eat them. She has thrown up stick pieces [...]

Bad Breath in Your Pet

My pet has bad breath. He's obviously not painful or he wouldn't eat. Answer: True, some dogs and especially some cats will stop eating when the periodontal disease becomes bad enough. However, when it's that bad we almost always have to extract some diseased teeth. Pets have such a strong instinct to survive and appetite [...]

Older Pets and Dental Anesthesia

My dog is 13 years old. I'm afraid of the anesthesia. Our Doctor answers: Years ago I'm sure you heard horror stories of senior dogs going under anesthesia and not waking up. If I were in your shoes, I'd still be haunted by those stories too. But times have changed and so has veterinary medicine. [...]

Why the Cost of a Dental Cleaning?

Question: It does not cost this much to get my teeth cleaned. What's the difference? Our answer: The list of differences is long. But here are the highlights. First of all, consider the amount of tartar and periodontal disease present in your mouth versus that of your pet. There is very likely an enormous difference. [...]

Questions about Brushing Teeth & Food

So, it's time to set the record straight. We polled our staff and came up with the questions we answer most frequently about dental disease and dental cleanings. We're hoping that these are the questions you have and that you'll be inspired to provide the best oral care for your pet you that you are [...]

Question about Lost Rabies Tag

Question: My dogs rabies tag has gotten lost from his collar. Do I need to have him get another rabies shot in order to get another tag? Our answer: This happens all the time! Give us a call (336-227-9979) and we'll get your little one a new tag in mere moments. You can pick it [...]

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