By nature, dogs are social creatures. They love to be around people and other dogs. That’s one of the big reasons that we have Doggy Day Care at Town N Country. It’s a little bit like the dog park – with some advantages…

Bye, Ya’ll! Doggy Day Care is a convenient option for busy pet owners like you who work long hours or have other commitments that prevent you from being home during the day.

Who’s in Charge? At TNC Doggy Day Care, you’ll always find trained staff on site to supervise and interact with the pets. We make sure they are safe, and that contact with other dogs is watched carefully. At a dog park, it’s up to you to monitor other dogs – and humans – as they play with your furbaby.

You’re in the Club. We have designed a safe and controlled environment for pets to play and socialize. We have different play groups for different sizes and/or temperaments of dogs. We have an amazing outdoor play area with special turf and cool toys. It’s like a clubhouse for the dogs!

Don’t Touch That!! Our play areas are clean. Your dog won’t be nosing around (or worse) in a sick dog’s poop. They won’t find dangerous things to play with or eat. We make sure that surfaces are safe for the weather, too.

Is There a Doctor in the House? If your pet has a pre-existing medical condition or requires medication during the day, we can take care of it! Staff members are trained to recognize and respond to medical emergencies, too.

Be Nice, Spot. We work with pets to help them learn the important skill of interacting with other dogs. Yes, they can also learn these skills at a dog park, but the consistency of individual attention and guidance that we provide is invaluable.

Stranger Danger! Animals in Doggy Day Care and Kitty Condo must be up to date on their shots. If we notice a dog is ill, we isolate it immediately. At the dog park, you’ll never really know if the dogs you are associating with are vaccinated or if they are carrying disease.

We know that Day Care and dog parks serve different purposes and can have different advantages for pets. But dog parks have risks. Doggy Day Care, on the other hand, offers a safe and controlled environment for pets to socialize and play. Make your doggy’s appointment today!

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