instinct raw dog foodSo, it’s time to set the record straight. We polled our staff and came up with the questions we answer most frequently about dental disease and dental cleanings. We’re hoping that these are the questions you have and that you’ll be inspired to provide the best oral care for your pet you that you are able.

Question: My groomer brushes Ludwig’s teeth at each six week visit and he only eats dry kibble. That’s enough, right?

Answer: Unfortunately not. I wish it were enough because I bet we could all commit to this amount of effort! In order for brushing the teeth to be effective it must be performed daily (or at least every other day). As for diet, there are very few diets that are effective in preventing tartar accumulation. Consider this: canned food and dry kibble have high amounts of carbohydrates, which are composed of sugars, which readily attach to teeth forming plaque, tartar and dental disease.

Dry kibble doesn’t sound so good anymore does it?

Question: So what am I supposed to feed for dental health?
1. A diet with no starchesĀ OR
2. A diet that increases chewing time and tooth penetration to help clean teeth – Purina Dental Health.