greens for your cat“Only boring people are bored,” the old adage says. For cats, however, affecting boredom is a mark of distinction. Garfield, Tom (as in Jerry), Sylvester, Snowball, Grumpy Cat, and even Bagheera have all perfected that look of pure indifference.

In real life, however, a bored cat can lead to anxiety, which can lead to many undesirable behaviors. Toys, play areas, scratching posts, and more toys are favorite boredom busters. If, however, you’re looking for something – er – less boring, here’s a great idea – edible greens!

Good Greens. Simply having pet safe houseplants adds interest to your home. Dwarf Zinnias and Asters, Alyssum, and “Red Baron Blood Grass”, African Violets and snake plants are all good houseplant choices. Catnip is the most famous of the safe, edible plants for cats, but there are several more that your kitty will love! Try growing wheatgrass, organic oat, chia, barley, or rye. Your cat can nibble away at the tender, tasty shoots.

Green Spaces. Place your plants wherever you think your cat will enjoy munching. Some will like to find them simply on the floor. You could also position them near a sleep area, or higher up near a window that has a view. An enclosed outdoor space is also a great option for a variety of greenery.

Your cat may never discard his look of insouciance, but adding greens into his life – and diet – is another way to make sure that underneath it all, he’s healthy, happy, and not bored at all!