Maxine1Happy birthday to Maxine, an amazing cat who recently turned 20 years old! Maxine is a patient of ours, and her owner’s name is Jody Gaedtke who has been a client with Town ‘N’ Country since 2007. Jody teaches Orchestra at Turrentine Middle School and plays violin with the Durham Symphony.

Maxine came into Jody’s life when she was adopted as a kitten from a rescue shelter in Wisconsin. As a kitten Maxine was skittish and was not overly social, but had many sweet qualities. Her favorite place to cozy up was a dresser drawer and she was excellent at finding hiding places.

She enjoys playing with her owner and has a particular favorite toy that she has had since she was a kitten. She will make a deep throat howling sound while carrying it in her mouth, which her owner Jody says can be heard all the way in a nearby room.

While most days Maxine hangs out near mom’s bed and rarely ventures past the hall. Given the chance she loves playing in water. Whether it’s sitting by the sink and sticking her entire head underwater or drinking into her paw from a cup and bringing it to her mouth, she enjoys getting wet.

Although Ms. Gaedtke teaches and plays music, she doesn’t feel that it has had an effect on Maxine’s well being or longevity. While Jody has had cats that would curl up in her violin case or come closer, purring when she played; Maxine has never done this.

At 20 years old Ms. Gaedtke said that she is amazed at the long life that Maxine has had. We are, too! And we’re grateful to have been a part of the amazing life of Maxine. Happy birthday, wonderful kitty!