How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

christmas dog When you start to think of pumpkin pie, roast turkey and dressing, your mouth starts to water. The same is true for your pet when the aroma of favorite foods waft through your home.
A word to the wise: as Christmas dinners approach, don’t fall victim to those big brown (or green or blue) eyes. Little tidbits here and there can put your pet at risk for pancreatitis, intestinal blockages and a quick trip to Town N Country’s emergency room.
To keep you and your pet safe and happy this holiday, take a look at the following pointers:
1. With a nick-nack paddy whack give a dog a….STOP, before you hurt some critter! You can sing it, but don’t do it. Certain bones can splinter and cause blockages or lacerations.
2. And gravy with that? Rich foods like turkey skin, sausage and gravy may put your dog at risk for pancreatitis. While smaller breeds may be more susceptible, any dog could be at risk. Symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain can come on suddenly with an attack.
3. Trash mouth. Some breeds are more prone that others to root through trash, but keep in mind that meat drippings make baking bags, aluminum pans, skewers, etc. very tempting. Keep meat-infused garbage out of paws’ reach, and promptly dispose of smelly trash.
4. “Angels we have heard on high.” Keep delicate and potentially dangerous ornaments high on the Christmas tree away from inquisitive kittens and cats and mischievous puppies. Your pet may be tempted to chew on ornaments, lights and tinsel – all of which can wreak havoc on the digestive system of a pet that indulges. Apply a cat repellent to the base of your tree, and turn off tree lights if you’re not home.
5. Wrap it up. As you’re listening to Christmas music and wrapping presents, keep ribbons and bows out of reach of pets. An ingested ribbon can cause a blockage in the intestine or stomach and require emergency surgery.
6. Ya’ll come. Holidays are a time for company and different routines – which your pet may not necessarily enjoy. Give your cat a little extra space, and make sure your dog still gets to walk. (That job might be perfect for one of your guests.)
You and your pet are always a welcome sight at Town N Country – especially at Christmas when we see pets (and their parents) donning gay apparel. (Falalalalala…oh never mind.) We would rather not see you, however, because of a holiday mishap!
So check our list – maybe you should check it twice – and keep your pets safe and happy this holiday season.