dog breathA healthy mouth is a good indicator of overall good health in your older pet. Conversely, poor oral health often goes hand in hand with bigger problems like diabetes and renal disease. That’s why it’s so important to monitor your dog or cat’s dental health with regular dental screenings with your vet.

Big Problems For the Long in the Tooth. Your older pet is more likely to have problems with gingival and bone tissue loss – chronic conditions that can lead to tooth loss. Cats can exhibit painful problems like tooth resorption and stomatitis. A routine screening can give you peace of mind, determine if dental work is needed and ultimately help your furry baby feel more comfortable.

Senior Dental Dangers. At Town N Country, each pet is thoroughly assessed before surgery to identify issues that might become potential threats. When necessary, steps are taken to stabilize the patient before administering anesthesia. Read more about that here. In most cases, the risk of not treating your pet is greater than the risk of veterinary dental procedures.

The best place to start is a routine check-up for your pet at Town N Country. Give us a call and let’s talk about what’s best for your pet.