senior dog wellness

If you have a dog who is getting a bit grey around the muzzle, it’s important to keep them fit and healthy. That goes for their body, but also for their mind.

As your dog ages, their memory and learning can be affected by a change in the brain’s glucose metabolism. This can cause memory, coping, and learning issues. It can also make your dog less interested in playing or interacting with you.

But there are things you can do to help.

Silver Sneakers. Take your dog on shorter, more frequent walks. Enroll in dog training class. Consider swimming. Hide a few treats around the house to encourage getting up and moving. Get a soft frisbee or tug of war toy.

Senior Menu.
There are specially formulated foods for pets age seven or older that can improve memory, attention, and even learning new tricks. We recommend Purina ProPlan’s Bright Mind products, which promote alertness and mental acuity.

Golden Games. Provide your dogs with toys that are comfortable to chew or grab. Look for brain teaser toys, with treats as a reward. If your dog has diminished eyesight, there are balls that whistle when thrown, to make it easier to follow.

If you’re aging along with your dog (and who isn’t?!), the bonus is that the exercise and mental stimulation will help you, too! It’s just another way for your pet – and for you – to stay healthy and happy for a lifetime.