This contest is now closed.
weight loss competition updateWe’re well into our weight loss competition, and we wanted to give you an update! As you can see, we have five fabulous contestants – two dogs and three cats.
These pets and their owners are working with us on reducing weight in healthy and safe manner. We’re helping these families with lifestyle and dietary changes that are making this possible. We’re about halfway through the competition. As with humans, weight loss isn’t easy, and sometimes, you find you actually gain at first!
It can be discouraging, but the important thing is that healthy changes are being made, and every single bit of weight loss counts. You just have to stick with it!
Here’s the progress so far:
OZZY NANCE: Age 6 years and 11 months, Neutered Male Yorkshire Terrier.
Starting weight of 21.94 (on 1/21)
New weight of 19.10 (on 3/19)
NAPHTALI TALI GAEDTKE: Age 7 years and 8 months, Neutered Male Tabby.
Starting weight of 13.69 (on 1/14)
New weight 14.19 (on 2/28)
VICKERS WHITLEY: Age 9 years and 8 months, Neutered Male Dachshund.
Starting weight of 21.2 (on 1/21)
New weight of 21.4 (on 3/9)
FLANNERY BROOKSHIRE: Age 9 years, Neutered Siamese.
Starting weight of 12.63 (on 1/28)
New weight 12.5 (on 3/3)
AUGIE GRACE: Age 4 years, 11 months, Neutered Male Domestic Feline.
Starting weight of 19.69 (on 1/15).
Latest weight information not available.
So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Our March madness brackets, ready for your office pool. Pull for your favorite to lose – so they can win!