Amanda Le is one of the amazing team of veterinary technicians at Town N Country. She actually came to us in 2013, working as a kennel attendant. It was very quickly evident how very much she loved animals, and how much they loved her! After a year and a half, she began working as a veterinary technician. She’s now one of our lead techs as well as the head of new-hire training.

She’s our scrub nurse, working with our doctors in extensive soft-tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Her assistance is invaluable as she assists the veterinarians in determining a diagnosis/treatment plan for patients. One fun fact about Amanda – she loves wound care – the grosser the better!

Amanda has always wanted to work in vet med. She actually started college as a pre-vet major, but changed paths along the way. After she graduated with a Master’s degree, she still longed to work with animals. She applied to TNC, and she says (and we hope) she’s here to stay!

Like most people who work with animals, Amanda has had many different kinds of pets. Uniquely, her absolute favorites have been rats! In her own words…

“I currently have five boys that I love so much (and 14 previous ratties waiting for me at rainbow bridge that I miss dearly). They are, in my opinion, the most misunderstood babies. They form bonds and love their people just like cats and dogs. The ONLY negative is their short lifespan. They have so much love to offer in such a tiny package but only for a short while. They deserve just as much love and respect as any other being.”

Amanda tells us that one of her favorite things about our hospital is the staff’s mutual compassion for animals and ability to work as a team to provide the best care for our patients. If you haven’t already guessed, Amanda is the kind of technician you want by your side. She’s dedicated to not just completing the job, but completing it with excellence. She is an excellent cheerleader and teacher to those who work beside her, always offering a helping hand of support. During the extreme chaos she has the ability to maintain a smile and organize a list of the 50 items she’s been requested to complete with ease. We are so thankful she’s on our team.