ChristinaIf you’ve been part of Town N Country for any length of time, you’ve most likely met Christina Nesbit. She’s been with us since 2004, a veterinarian technician extraordinaire. Since Christina was a child she’s wanted to work with animals. She used to say she wanted to be a doctor at the zoo when she grew up. While she was in college she started working as a vet tech, and fell in love with it.

She never looked back. When you’re a vet tech, you have to wrangle animals, crawl on the floor (and get back up), hold onto leashes, lift heavy carriers, and do all manner of demanding physical activities.

Christina knew that at some point, the physicality of her job would be too much for her. When we began thinking about expanding to the Forestdale location, Christina expressed interest in the position of practice manager. It’s been the best of all the worlds – for her and for us!

Christina runs the day to day practice, interacting with employees and clients, keeping up with inventory, HR, and wearing all sorts of hats. Thankfully for everyone, one of those hats is still working with the animals, doing the occasional vet tech stuff. And this makes her happy.

When she’s not at Town N Country, Christina’s three children and three grandchildren also make her happy. She loves Christmas, loves to travel, and is an all around fun in the sun beach girl.

The move to Forestdale has been great, and one of the reasons for its success has been Christina. We’ve been grateful for all the years of vet tech-ing she’s done for us, and are now thankful that she leads the Forestdale office so capably.

You’ve met Christina Nesbit as a vet tech, but next time you’re at Forestdale, say hello to her as the new practice manager!