Gus, Shop Dog at Beechwood

This holiday season, we’d like to encourage you to Shop Small! We have lots of clients who own mom and pop businesses right here in our neighborhood. As you make your holiday shopping lists, don’t forget your neighbors. When you shop small, you are helping people in our community to put food on the table, buy soccer cleats, send kids to college, and give back to local charities. And we’ve noticed that oftentimes you get the best service and products from someone who has a personal investment of time, money, and energy!

If you own a local small business, we’d like to tell our other clients about it. Please send us information about your business below, and we’ll add you to our Small Business post here on our website and on Facebook!

PS: If a business has a shop cat, they are probably locally owned!

Thanks to Casey and Emily Lewis of Beechwood Metalworks for allowing us to post their shop doggie (and our patient) .
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