overcoming anxietyThis is a followup to our previous article about separation anxiety.

If your dog is truly stressed in your absence, you can help her with training and a bit of creative intervention. Consider these methods:

Club Med. Some medicines are fast-acting, and others work better for a longer duration. Talk to your vet about what’s best for your pet’s situation. Medicine is usually best when combined with behavioral intervention.

Get Used to It. Go through your usual routine of leaving. Pick up your keys and brief case and put on your businesslike shoes. Now put everything back.

Counter Conditioning. Have something good happen when you leave. This could be as simple as offering a treat when you leave.

Driving to Distraction. Food puzzles are a great distraction. If you vary the contents and the puzzle itself, you’ll keep your dog interested and busy.

No Big Deal. Don’t fall into the trap of anticipating your dog’s anxiety. Treat each departure as “no big deal.”

Doggie Daycare. If your dog isn’t adjusting to your family being away during a typical work day, our Canine Camp may be a viable solution. (And we’d LOVE to have your pet!)

Peace-Around-the-Collar. Now available at Town N Country, Adaptil™ collars and diffusers encourage diffusion of pheromones, hormones released by lactating mammals to comfort and soothe.

While dogs may prefer company to being alone, the right strategy can alleviate your pet’s anxious behavior. Give us a call, and let’s set up an appointment for your pet. We would love to help you reach a solution and soothe your pet for when you stay and when you go.