Oops! She Did It Again…

Is “Oops, she did it again…” the new kitty pop song playing over and over in your head? When a cat develops disdain for and avoids the litter box he’s frequented in the past, it could be time to give us a call. There are lots of reasons a cat might develop the annoying new [...]

Will You Share a Picture of Your Pet?

In case you missed it, yesterday Dr. Bolynn shared a picture of her dog enjoying the water. He's 14 years old (that's a senior pet!), but he's still a puppy at heart and can't get enough swim time! We want to see pictures of *your* pet having fun this summer! Share your pictures on [...]

How Pets Communicate Pain

Many pet owners have a creative flair for imagining what their dog or cat might say in a given situation: Fez the Siamese at mealtime: "Hmmmph. No smoked salmon today?" Lacy the Cocker Spaniel when the owner's ready for a walk: "Oh BOY, OH BOY, OH BOY…..I can't WAIT!!!" Any critter on the vet's table [...]

Those Happy Golden Years With Your Pet

It’s happening. Your pet is getting old. The dog that has loyally stood by your side for years is beginning to grey in her muzzle and is moving a bit slower when she stands up from a lying position. Or your formerly fearless cat seems to be downright jumpy around strangers lately. What’s normal? How [...]

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