bad breathDoes your doggie’s breath take your breath away? Doggie breath should not be synonymous with bad breath. A healthy mouth boasts pretty, pink gums with no foul odor. Bad breath can be an early sign of infection or greater health challenges.
The only positive for bad doggie breath in your pet is that you received a wake-up call and a nudge to take a closer look.
Just as your own health can be compromised by periodontal disease, your pet’s dental infections can lead to problems with her heart, liver and kidneys that can consequently result in a shortened lifespan.
Take a look inside your pet’s mouth. Are gums red or purple? Can you see tartar accumulation on the teeth? Or does Bruno’s breath smell a bit brutal?
If you said “yes” to any one of these questions, it’s time to give Town N Country a call to schedule an oral evaluation. We’ll provide you with educational materials, help with a home dental plan, and if needed, an estimate for a professional cleaning.
Controlling doggie breath with good preventive care means more than a sweet smelling pet. Good dental health can lead to longer, happier lives for your pet.