One of the most glaring differences between cats and dogs is that cats usually aren’t into car rides, especially if they are rides to the vet. This is the reason that most cat owners put off regular feline checkups. We totally understand the hesitation.

cat exam boxes
One of our new cat exam boxes.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new cat room for our kitty patients and their owners. It’s intentionally designed to make your cat feel comfortable in every way. In the cat exam room, once the stress of the car ride is over, your cat will be a lot more amenable to being examined.

Sense the Difference. We get all the senses involved. A Feliway diffuser adds pheromones to the air, sending calming messages to reduce stress. We have a whole menu of tasty cat treats that distract while we place your cat on the scale, or look in ears, or take temperatures. Music plays, chosen because their rhythm mimics the feline heart rate.

Choose the Spot. Your cat can choose where he wants to be examined. Maybe he likes to sit with you on a bench that looks and feels like a bed. Perhaps she’ll choose to jump on the ottoman and look out the window at the bird feeder. Or maybe your kitty will hide in one of the cat exam boxes that are small enough to make your cat feel secure, but have cut outs for us to reach into.

Make the Call. If your cat is due – or overdue – for an exam, don’t hesitate any longer. Call us today and make your appointment to take the cat room for a spin. When you call, we’ll also give you some pointers on making the car ride a little bit easier.

That’s our goal – to make bring your cat to the vet less stressful for Felix – and for you.