Theriogenology is the science of veterinary reproduction – a big word for the normally straightforward process of birthing puppies. But there are those who depend on the advice and expertise of someone with advanced training in reproduction.

A Better Breed.
We support breeders with health testing that will help ensure that puppies are genetically sound and are less prone to breed-specific issues. We help with tests for DNA testing, PennHIP radiographs, OFA hip/elbow radiographs, and brucellosis testing.

It’s not just breeders. Before any dog is bred, it should be tested for genetic issues. We can help guide you to make breeding decisions based on test results.

Perfect Timing. For those wishing to breed dogs, we can help with timing. We are able to run progesterone tests in-house to see when a dog ovulates. Many dogs mate naturally, but artificial semination is also available. Progesterone levels allow us to know a female’s due date +/- 1 day. Progesterone levels also allow us to plan C-sections for breeds that are unable to whelp on their own or who are prone to dystocia (slow or difficult labor).

Laboring for Delivery.
There are a few breeds, including English bulldogs, Frenchies, and bullies, that almost always need Caesarian sections. We schedule these based on progesterone levels. If a mom goes into labor and hasn’t had a puppy within two hours, she should be seen immediately and we may recommend a C-Section. After one hours f hard labor that isn’t progressing, a section is often needed.

At Town N Country, Dr. Morgan Horn is our resident reproductive expert. Breeding dogs – Labs in particular – is something she and her husband have long been interested in. You probably know that Dr. Horn is also trained in PennHip screening for hip dysplasia, which goes hand in hand with her expertise in theriogenology.

Theriogenology is just one of the advanced medical services we offer at Town N Country. If you are planning on breeding your dog, if your dog is pregnant, if you’re considering getting a puppy, or if you are a breeder, come talk to us. And we promise – you don’t have to be able to remember the word theriogenology!