What really happens if I miss my HWP/Flea Prevention?

dog-183288_640It diabolically grows inside your cute, furry babies and cuts off their blood supply, slowly, darkly…deadly. How scary is that??

You see the Halloween decorations everywhere, but – contrary to popular belief – scary heartworm disease knows no specific season. As many parts of the United States experience urban sprawl and expansion, mosquitoes continue to multiply and create problems for numerous mammals all year long.

I want to bite your pet. That’s why you don’t want to forget Heartworm prevention medicine. Without that protection, your pet is one mosquito bite away from a life-threatening disease. Your dog won’t realize that the barely perceptible bite just shot tiny larvae into his blood stream, and neither will you.

Scary host stories. Coyotes, foxes and dogs can be common hosts of heartworm disease. A single host animal can carry literally hundreds of worms that can grow as long as one foot! Worse than any nightmare on Elm Street, the worms effectively block the blood flow to major organs like the heart, lungs or liver. Cats aren’t typical hosts, but when infected, they do not usually survive until the larvae have reached adult stage.

The worms crawl in. By the time the tiny larvae develop into adult stage inside your dog (and even earlier in your cat), your pet could experience pulmonary hypertension, aneurism or heart failure. When you look closely at what heartworm disease can do to your dog or cat’s body, you’ll choose prevention over the cure every time. One infected mosquito bite can drastically affect your pet’s life if she’s not protected.
Talk to us about annual testing, and the best preventive medicine for your cat or dog. It’s one simple step that could save your pet’s life.