nail trim at the vet

I’m here to get my nails done.

Hear that? That tap dancing noise is a telltale sign that your dog’s nails need to be trimmed. It’s a rare dog that enjoys the process, but if you follow the bouncing ball on the screen, we have a few hints to help broaden your Ringo’s repertoire.

Sing The Tune. Put the song “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” on your playlist. Make sure that you handle his paws, pressing gently on each one. Give a treat as you go. Try to make this a regular part of play, walks, and other fun activities, so he’ll associate them with paw holding.

Add Some Percussion. After you know that your dog is comfortable with all that hand holding, you want to get him used to the nail trimmers themselves. Let Ringo sniff them, and then use the trimmers to stroke his paws, and add in a click or two, to make sure he’s used to the sound. Again, give a treat when he’s most relaxed and happy. The goal is for Ringo to associate the trimmers with treats and a good time!

What if He Still Doesn’t Like This Song? There are some dogs that never get used to having nails trimmed. Sometimes a different strategy is needed to get Ringo to change his tune. Talk to us about your options.

Whether your dog gets a nail trim with us at Town N Country, or you do it yourself, he – and you – will be happier if you’re in harmony about the process. If you have questions, or need a lesson, give us a whistle, and we’ll be happy to help!